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Overshot : A Paintball Podcast is a collaboration between Jonathan "Waldo" Rullan and Traivs "Wolf" Deleyer whose focus is to bring Paintball Content to the Mass's

Jonathan has been giving friends and competitors alike events to compete in with his Woodsball Tournament Series since 2012.  As well as the Tri State Xball Leauge since 2020.  He also has been involved with top level team Master Blasters and Delta Paintball Team and is commited to growing the sport locally and abroad with many diffrent projects.

Travis Delayer is a Long Island Local who found the sport via his brother Dylan and has been a paintball junkie ever since and have eaten up a ton of paintball content.

Getting noticed by Steve Cusano of Ground Zero Fame he currently plays on Ground Zero Gold 24k with his paintball idols on what is a top level amateur team.


After playing Paintball locally we both met and have become great friends and  have traveled the United States together enjoying the sport we love .

This is a platform for paintball players by paintball players we hope you enjoy the show !

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